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About Us

Pivoting Mindset Apparel was formed by LaGrand an award winning producer, entrepreneur, engineer and so much more.  It was created to allow him to use his almost 30 years in the industry to assist independent artists, engineers, producers, musicians, creatives, and entrepreneurs with their careers and businesses. 

Success is a fickle thing.  It can be accomplished in so many different ways.  However, that does not mean we will end up where we really desire to be or as the person we wanted to become.  We must be able to pivot on a dime in order to constantly realize when we aren't heading where we want to be.  This is the exact reason we have to discover who we really are and why we do what we do.

Our “Why” can drastically change depending on the phase of life you are in at any given point.  My “Why” as an unmarried man changed once I was married and it has changed again being single with grown kids.  Actually, my “why” has been basically the same.  What has changed is my level of carrying out the manifestation of that “Why” every day.

 Let me explain. Prior to marriage and children, my scale of success was still tuned to the vision born inside of me at 8 years old.  Once married, I unknowingly diverted from my massive goals, relentless drive, and the success qualities I exhibited all the way through my early years.

 As soon as my wife said she wasn’t interested in home schooling, I subconsciously resigned myself to no longer touring all over the country and soon to be world with family in tow.  The thought of creating a powerful career with my family present dwindled immediately.  I stopped touring and dumbed down my ambitions.  I felt that if my family couldn’t be there with me then I would be at home with them.

 I resigned myself to starting a small one man company where I would provide engineering services to clients.  I would also start a small studio where I could produce up and coming artists and mix for local and national artists.  I had really settled for less and it was no one's fault, but my own.  At the time, I felt I was still doing something and me being one step away from major success perpetually reinforced the notion.

Mid 2015, I began preparing for the next phase of my life and career.  I was tired and literally disgusted with how much I was not in total control over my business' revenue.  I began to research, read, plan, invest monetarily in myself, contemplate the next business moves, secure mentors and courses in my areas of need and wanted growth when I noticed something very important.

 I discovered that the characteristics of millionaires and billionaires were the very ones I was living and exhibiting prior to marriage.  All of a sudden those things began to reignite within me.  I began to feel the real passion again to help thousands of artists realize their dreams.

 This is why “The Control Factor” was born.  Your message and creativity is very much needed in the world.  You also deserve the innate right to benefit from your hard work and talent more than anyone else in the equation helping you achieve success.  Not only will the world benefit from your passion, tenacity and talent, but your loved ones should as well for generations to come long after you have ceased being.

Isn’t that everyone’s dream?  It is my mission to help you accomplish just that and the time we currently live in makes it so very possible if you are willing to be mentored and coached.  Having been on both sides of the equation, puts me in a very unique position to guide you there. 

 If we are honest with ourselves, we all know that real passion and purpose only die within us if we repeatedly kill and bury them.  They always in the most inopportune time surface causing us discomfort because we know we aren’t moving in our destiny.  That is exactly what happened to me five years ago.  Over the past 30 years in the industry, there were moments of "This isn't where I saw myself being."  However, the clarion call wasn't strong enough for me to change until 2015.

The fact that you are here right now leads me to believe you are hearing that call within you.. Choose right now to make that pivotal change.  Seize the opportunity right now to make a better life for yourself and your family.  I am in your corner.  Pivoting Mindset Apparel was created to help you begin your pivot to a new beginning.

During these rapid changes brought upon us all as musicians, artists, producers, engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, we have all realized how fragile our livelihood actually seems to be..  Now that we all know the truth of our situation, what are we going to do about making it more secure, predictable, scalable, and profitable while all the while maintaining control and ownership over our creations?  

In order to successfully accomplish this, our thinking must change.  We must elevate our knowledge beginning with learning and acknowledging who it is we really are.  What is it that we have to offer the world no matter what percentage of the world that is?  How can we build a process to provide that which we do to those interested in a way we can monetize consistently?  Are there multiple streams of income we can create out of what it is we do that creates a community, an experience and exclusivity?  

These are a few examples of what LaGrand is here to help you discover and implement.  It's not just a book, a course, apparel, or tools for your ecosystem.  It's a mindset and a process that will be the catalyst to your NEXT.  Imagine being able to walk in your vision, taking care of the ones you love and building something of worth for your legacy.  What would you do or pay to live in that world of contentment, self-accomplishment, success on your terms, and assets that you created and own.

Well this is where you can literally begin that journey, experience those accomplishments, and do so with with our help.  Take action with someone who has had you in mind ever since he was eight years old questioning the realities of the world. 

That passion for your success has never left LaGrand.  There has been delays, mistakes, and even thoughts of giving up at times, but he never could.  Take action right now so your life and career takes an undeniable change for the better.

  Build the vision you see for yourself and those you love.  Commit to you and we will too because you are the control factor.  Purchase a product that speaks to you and your personal journey.  Take a step each and everyday and you will change everything.  PIVOT!